NFT Freeway for All

A ZK-Rollups Protocol for NFTs on Layer-2, with zero gas fees, high efficiency and security level


With the exploding NFT markets, more and more artists and creators are minting and trading NFTs. However,
Besides the price of NFTs and commission fee associated with the trading platform, users often need to pay very high gas fees.
The Ethereum mainnet is becoming increasingly congested when the user base expands exponentially.

Our Advantages

With the ZK-Rollups-based ZKBox protocol, users can mint, transfer, and trade high volume of NFTs on layer-2 in real-time with zero gas fees while having full control of their assets.
Zero Gas Fees
Minting, trading and transferring NFTs on the Layer-2 network with zero gas fees
High Efficiency
Process within seconds, and no need to wait for block confirmation
Same level of security as Ethereum mainnet and users keep their private keys